The 23rd Annual Leland Wine & Food Festival is this Saturday, June 14th

It wouldn’t be summer in Northern Michigan without the colorful, flavorful and entertaining festivals that fill our calendars and flood our senses with the nostalgia we relive all winter long. If there’s a season to celebrate, a fruit to hold above all others, or a heritage to proudly proclaim then there’s probably a festival in it’s name. With acres of grapes lining up across the Leelanau and Old Mission landscapes it’s no wonder the wine festivals are among our favorites.


The Leland Wine & Food Festival is a celebration of summer; good food, great friends, entertainment, art, and of course, the bounty of our local vintners. The tiny fishing village, otherwise known as Fishtown, will be bursting at its seams as hundreds of visitors and locals spill out of the tent and onto the town.

If you haven’t made the trip up M-22 to Leland, it’s worth the drive. The festival is a great reason to hop in the car for a day trip. But if large crowds, live music, food and fun aren’t your thing…you might wait until next week.


The 2008 commemorative poster was created by artist Melanie Parke and is available for sale in Leland. The festival is Saturday June 14th from noon – 6pm, Fishtown in Leland.