Let us make YOUR business top of mind for travelers.

We love what we do. We get to tell travelers what’s so special about northern Michigan. Let us tell them about you!

Visitor Channel

Our exclusive network airs 24-7-365 in over 3100 hotel rooms

All Local Content

Our network gets your message in front of travelers while they’re making plans for the day. Let us help you drive more guests to your door.

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Little Cards

Grab-and-go info, where all you need to know fits in the palm of your hand

Big Results

We distribute over 250,000 cards annually through little card displays.

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Dining Guide

The answer to the age old question: where should we go for dinner?

Menu Magazine

The only magazine with full-color full page menus for restaurants who want to reach travelers

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Mobile App

We've got lots of info on local business. And maps. Who needs Google?

For All Your Devices

With over 30,000 downloads and counting, the Traverse Traveler app is an inexpensive way to showcase your business

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What can Traverse Traveler do for YOU?

Let us introduce your business to the millions of travelers who stay in northern Michigan hotels each year.

Designed with the Traveler in Mind

Unless you frequent area hotels —which is not something we hear often— you may not know who we are or what we do. That’s OK. Because when you advertise with Traverse Traveler it’s not about us, it’s about YOU. You and the customers you hope to gain.

Our products and services are made for, and distributed to, travelers. We’re in their hotel lobby, in the room and in the hands of guests as they make plans for the day.

Visitors love our little cards because they fit in a pocket or purse. Hotels love the display because it’s well-designed, well-maintained and has a tiny footprint in their lobby.

Our exclusive in-room network runs on an hour loop and features creative content as well as advertising for a balanced showcase of the region’s most popular tourism destinations.

Our full-color dining guide is filled with menus from local restaurants, wineries, breweries and specialty shops. It’s designed with the needs of the traveler in mind. Front desk staff can’t get enough of them.

Our 3-zone lobby digital signage allows each property to highlight in-house events and provide promotional content. At the same time we share the weather forecast and advertise with banner ads.

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What is the Traverse Traveler Advantage?

Expertise in Marketing to Travelers + Professional Creative Services = Targeted Advertising that WORKS!

Visitor Channel

Traverse Traveler is the exclusive visitor channel for the Traverse City region. We produce, manage and support a customized local travel channel to run in-room 24-7-365 on network television for our hospitality partners.

The visitor channel runs a mixture of :30-:45 second ads and 1-3 minute sponsored content to form an hour loop. We offer in-house video, animation and content creation services and also work with professional videography teams to uphold a high standard of quality. For advertisers working with existing video or creative agencies we’ve developed a creative checklist to ensure your marketing achieves the desired results.

The Traverse Traveler Advantage

We believe in storytelling, not selling. Our content is designed with the traveler in mind. That means we work with advertisers to produce video content that’s entertaining and addresses the questions a traveler would have. This focus leads to a return on investment. After all, if you’re spending money on marketing you want to know it’s working for you.

Visitor Channel Locations

Now Playing on the Visitor Channel

To see what’s currently playing in-room watch this playlist. Subscribe to our Traverse Traveler YouTube channel to get updates when new videos have been added. We’ve compiled our custom video content from past and present to be your online resource for local info.

We invite advertisers and lodging partners to share our hosted content on their website and social media accounts. Video is great for driving traffic to your business and telling your story.

Little Cards

Each year we design, print and distribute over 250,000 custom folding cards in little card displays throughout northern Michigan. The cards represent restaurants, attractions, wineries, breweries, retailers and destinations within day-trip distance of Traverse City, Michigan.

The simplicity of our little cards is what makes them so successful. They’re like the print version of an elevator pitch for your business. There’s just enough room to tell travelers what you do, and why they should pay you a visit.

The Traverse Traveler Advantage

Each card comes with a custom map designed to direct travelers to your location. Whether we’re working with your brand assets for consistency, or helping a small business start-up from scratch, all cards are designed and printed in-house to guarantee each business is showcased in the best possible way.

Little Card Locations

Dining Guide

When guests ask the front desk about dining, the Traverse Traveler Dining Guide is what they give them. Our free publication is distributed in 75 hotels and high-traffic locations throughout Traverse City, Benzie, Leelanau and Antrim county.

We put your menu in the hands of hungry hotel guests who will NOT be eating at home!

What makes our publication unique? Our magazine is filled with full-page, full-color menus. The Traverse Traveler Advantage means your advertising includes the graphic design of your page.

Dining Guide Locations

Listen to what happens when our hotels run low on Dining Guides.

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Traverse Traveler app on three devices

Mobile App

Google is great, if you know what you’re looking for. But what happens when you visit a city and you want to know what restaurants are nearby? Or maybe you didn’t make hotel reservations and you need to find a place to stay without driving around all night.

The Traverse Traveler app unites the power of your smartphone, with our all-local only information on small businesses. It’s perfect for travelers and locals alike.

Our Favorite App Features

  • Geo-location sorts listings by what’s closest to you

  • Links to address, phone and website for all listings

  • Enhanced listings include photos, video, social media links

  • It’s FREE for iPhone, iPad and Android

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We are Experts at Marketing to Travelers

There are a 1001 ways to spend your advertising dollars in this town. (Believe me, we know.) If you’re tired of carving your marketing budget into a million pieces and hoping for a return on investment, there is another approach.

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