It’s Official, the Traverse City Lip Dub is online and ready for viewing.

But did you know Traverse Traveler played a role in the production?


Check it out:



When I found out the Traverse City Film Festival was planning on creating a Lip Dub I jumped at the chance to get in on the ground level. After art directing a few TV commercials when I worked at a local ad agency I discovered I loved working behind-the-scenes on film productions. So I thought it would be fun to be involved in a community project that was designed to promote my town, Traverse City.


It turned out to be a great event. Over 100 people attended the kick-off meeting when we didn’t even know what the songs would be. With a handful of meetings and only a couple rehearsals, Max Fisher and the crew at FishSoup Films pulled together hundreds of Traverse City residents who were proud to showcase what an amazing town we live in. From the beginning this was an open event, where ideas were welcomed, shared and incorporated. Community members of all ages participated and represented dozens of organizations, teams, businesses and venues.


I walked into the first meeting expecting to work behind the scenes, and ended up in front of the camera. So I thought I’d have some fun with it. I decided to print a limited edition Traverse Traveler t-shirt to give away to my volunteer “crew” during the lip dub. And when I had one shirt left I saved it for a special givaway after the lip dub’s release. It’s time for that giveaway!

Traverse Traveler lip dub giveaway


So here’s the deal.

1. Become a fan of Traverse Traveler on Facebook and “like” our page

2. Watch the Traverse City Lip Dub and look for me, and the Traverse Traveler crew (shown above)

3. You have until this Friday, August 5th* to email me with the lines I sing during the lip dub.

*The original deadline has been extended since the lip dub was released later than expected.


A winner will be drawn from the correct submissions. I hope you enjoy the Traverse City Lip Dub. It was a blast to be a part of this creative expression that all started as an idea from a couple of TCFF interns. It just goes to show what you can pull off when you put your mind to it—and spread the word to a few thousand friends on Facebook!