Fall maple treeJump into Fall this Weekend with the Benzie Fall Festival

For the next two weekends Benzie County will celebrate the fall harvest with fun for all ages. There’s so much to enjoy we’ve ranked it #4 on our 22 Reasons for a Fall M-22 Roadtrip. Events scattered across Beulah, Frankfort and the surrounding area begin on Saturday October 3rd. From fall soup contests, pumpkin decorating to pumpkin chuckin’ there’s much fun in store in beautiful Benzie county.


October 3rd & 4th

Gather in Beulah park, along the east end of Crystal Lake, and participate in the Fall Soup Contest. The kids can enter the Sidewalk Art Contest or try their skills in the Free Throw competition. Take a tour of Point Betsie Lighthouse before the end of the season rolls in with the cold winds of fall.  Crystal Mountian is offering scenic chairlift rides as well. It’s a great way to get a view of the amazing fall colors.


October 10th & 11th

Crowds gather in Frankfort alongside the Betsie Bay for the traditional Pumpkin Chuckin’ contest. This one you’ve got to see to believe. Homemade trebuchets launch giant pumpkins far into the air landing with a splash in Betsie Bay. And one oversized gourd is hoisted and dropped atop a carefully chosen clunker for the grand finale. Renouned pumpkin carver Ed Moody will be nearby exhibiting his amazing skills and preparing for his annual carve-a-thon which ends on Halloween.


There’s so much to do, and see, at the Benzie Fall Festival we barely scratched the surface. Check out their online brochure here for all the details. And make a point to venture over to Benzie for a part of the action. If we’re lucky the leaves will be turning in time to enjoy the view as well.