Peninsula Cellars 2007 Select RieslingIn an article for TIME magazine entitled, “Fifty States of Wine” author Joel Stein took on the challenge of tasting a wine from every state. Only twelve wines received a rating of Excellent including the 2006 Select Reisling from Peninsula Cellars. “Michigan’s riesling was one of my favorites,” said Stein.

There is much discussion over what makes a good wine. Is it the terrior, a french term for the region in which it’s grown? Is it the craftsmanship of the winemaker? Or is it all a matter of opinion? I think there’s no one answer to the question. So rather than take someone else’s word for it, why not judge for yourself. Pick up a few bottles of Michigan wine and hold your own blind tasting.

Conduct your own experiment and hold a horizontal tasting party. Pick up 5-6 different bottles of Riesling, you can choose wine from one winery or several, and compare them side by side. With this type of tasting you can pick-up on the variety of wines that can be produced from one type of grape. Riesling can be sweet or dry, you may taste fruits or minerals, it could be acidic or smooth. This type of tasting will not only bring out the characteristics of each wine, it will give you some insight into the winemaker’s preferences too.


For information on Peninsula Cellars check out their website. To read the full article, “Fifty States of Wine” by Joel Stein click here.