Forty-Five North Pinot Noir RoseThe Gold Rush is back and invigorating the wine industry on the 45th Parallel.


Rose wines are growing in popularity and respect among wine drinkers and judges alike. Several recent Gold medals are proof positive that Michigan Rosé is here to stay., an independent consumer guide to the Michigan wine industry, conducted a review of 11 rosé wines from throughout the state. The top performers were the 2008 Forty-Five North Pinot Noir Rosé, 2008 Tabor Hill Cabernet Franc Rosé, and 2008 2 Lads Cabernet Franc Rosé.

This is not the first time local Rosé wines have risen to the top of their peers. The Forty-Five North Pinot Noir Rosé was awarded Best of Class at the 2008 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition. Without a separate category for Rosé wines, Forty-Five North’s Rosé competed against 954 other reds and came in just shy of the Grand Champion. The judges were so impressed they created the special award for Best of Class.


Did you know:  The pink or orange hues of a Rosé wine come from the short period of time that the juice is left to ferment on the skins, where the color resides. Winemakers will “bleed-off” the juice to make Rosé, while the remaining skins are left to help produce a deeper, richer colored red wine.

So next time you’re in Michigan wine country, don’t overlook the Rosé…the fairer red wine.